I am Amhed Missael Vargas Velazquez, I born the 30 of november of 1990. I am technician laboratorist chemist by the IPN and actualy, i`m studyng in the great UNAM, at the bachelor of genomic sciences.

I think, that not is important where school you come, how ever, how do you retribute and help others, care.

My dream is try to change the world, i dont know how, but, i know the why, and so, always i try to choose the correct way to reach my goal.

I have potential for the bioinformatics, but i prefer the wetlab.

Ok, sorry for the "brief" description. In this page you find my homeworks for the course 3, and some stuff that helps to any bioinformatic or student of lcg.

Enjoy : ).

All programs showed, at equal to the files, are open source, and the UNAM as amhed, do not are responsible for their properly usage. Also, the music was downloaded for free from Jamendo